#Nationalselfcareday - SELF-CARE IS FOR EVERYDAY!

Heeeey there #savagebae  We know it's been a while since our last blog post! We hope you are doing well, staying safe, rocking your Pretty Curvy Savage mask, and staying healthy!  During this pandemic, if you don't take away anything from all God & the world are revealing. It is to take care of yourself first! You are your #1 top priority. We must continue to break the unhealthy cycles of society, such as not taking time when you need it, or always being the fixer worrying about everyone except you! Like many things.. we do them for so long they become habits that are self-sabotaging and need to be addressed so we can begin creating new and healthy daily habits. So...

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Self Love is the best LOVE " A Perfectly Imperfect Journey to Self-Love"

Self Love is the best LOVE " A Perfectly Imperfect Journey to Self-Love" I started dating myself. I would spend the day pampering, affirming and loving me. I stopped looking externally for what I was missing because I started to see I was who and what I needed. I’d be lying my ass off if I said this was easy work but knowing how it feels to Love myself so freely and so fiercely the work was worth it.  

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Confidence Takes Risk

Pretty Curvy Savage BE BOLD. BE FIERCE - Welcome to the first blog! We are so excited Ariana wanted to share her story with us and brakes down the bold and fierce risk she took to support a loved one during a trying time & how that confident risk led to her finding, building & ultimately being more confident. Rule number 1. Building confidence 101 - "You should be ready and willing to take risk!" When I think of being bold, I remember the first time I shaved my head in 2018 in solidarity with my cousin who was losing her hair from chemotherapy treatments. Immediately after my hair was gone, I was amazed at how much lighter I felt. For...

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