Hey Pretty,

It has been longer than a while! & for that I am sorry.

But in all transparency as we love to do over here, I have had battles to fight... Like we all do.
The past three years alone have been life changing on a collective global level. Even as it is today currently in 2023.

I say all that to say, as an advocate for mental health and wellness I took a much needed break away & if you made it this far maybe you are wondering what has brought you back now.

I suffered my toughest battle, and I am currently still grieving the loss of my mother.

This Relaunch was something that I had started planning at the top of the year and understandably got put off to the side so that I could go through all that came and comes with grief.

At the heart of this brand is really just a little black girls dreams, to one day have my own clothing brand & that dream came true! 

Although this is not perfect nor how I envisioned the relaunch this is where I am currently. I can either evolve and be fierce or let depression and other things keep me from living my purpose. Now it is more so an outlet for me to be creative again as I continue healing.

My mission is to fulfill my purpose while also enjoying my passion. Everyone’s missions and passions are different, this is mine.

Overall as a plus size clothing brand, my goal is to provide effortless options, essentials, style and pretty things to make you look and feel confident as every woman should feel, feeling pretty is an inside out thing.


-Thank you for joining me and what’s to come on this journey.

PS <3

we are all figuring out things at our own pace and that is okay, life is a marathon.

In honor of her I continue my vision as she did, I will fulfil my purpose and serve God just as she did.

I will be BOLD and FIERCE just as she was.



XOXO – BBBF. Arrianna Savage - The Creator 

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