Confidence Takes Risk

Confidence Takes Risk

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Welcome to the first blog!

We are so excited Ariana wanted to share her story with us and brakes down the bold and fierce risk she took to support a loved one during a trying time & how that confident risk led to her finding, building & ultimately being more confident.

Rule number 1. Building confidence 101 - "You should be ready and willing to take risk!"

When I think of being bold, I remember the first time I shaved my head in 2018 in solidarity with my cousin who was losing her hair from chemotherapy treatments. Immediately after my hair was gone, I was amazed at how much lighter I felt. For years, I was constantly coloring and styling my hair, damaging it to no end, trying to be happy with it; this was a way to start over and begin my journey to longer, healthier locks. As I encountered my friends, clients, and strangers, I realized what a mental crutch my hair was for me. I had cool haircuts and colors done by some of the most talented people, and I always received compliments that boosted my confidence. With a shaved head, people were forced to see me and I didn’t realize how long I had been hiding from that. I felt naked, in a way. But, from this discomfort, I discovered my fierceness, I started to take better care of my skin and really do my makeup every day so people would have something else to look at instead of my head. Then I started to put more effort into my daily wardrobe. I FELT AMAZING because I was finally coming into my own and expressing myself in other creative ways. I tried to grow my hair out and, while I had gorgeous styles along the way, nothing could compare to the happiness I felt with my shaved head. I’ve become so accustomed to seeing my big ole’ face and ears all the time and I’m not sure I can comfortably go back to letting my hair obstruct the view.

While I am so happy with my decision, I do hear a negative comment or two once in a while that causes me to question myself. When that happens, I always go back to the seconds after I first shaved my head and how relieved I felt; how I’ve only become more bold and more fierce since then. I am definitely a force to be reckoned with. I don’t think everyone should go and shave their head to feel beautiful, but they should definitely take chances with their look to find something that represents them and makes them feel like themselves. Nothing beats feeling confident in your own skin.

- Ariana Alonzo 

Instagram - @aridacious


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Great post, sometimes we just have to take a risk and do what makes us feel good!

Ashlin G.

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